We guarantee that your car will be serviced and repaired to the highest standard keeping you safely on the road or your money back! 
Neil checking wheel alignment

  We have experience in dealing with all makes and models, you can have full confidence that your vehicles service and repairs are in good hands.  

Why choose us over a main dealer? We take off all 4 wheels and check the brakes making sure they are properly lubricated and working correctly. 
A main dealer will not do this as standard, this would only be done if requested and would be an additional charge. 


They are the only contact you have between you and the road so it is really important you check your tyres for wear. Not only that have plenty of tread on them, the legal requirement is 1.6mm, but also that they are wearing evenly. 
Uneven wear is a sign your tracking is out and needs correcting. We can check that all 4 of your wheels are in alignment with our 4 wheel laser alignment machine.. 


During the winter when the roads are full of pot holes often your tracking can get knocked out so we have a special winter offer: 
Book your service before the end of January and receive 4 Wheel Lazer Alignment adjustment. 
Click here to fill in contact form and we will call you back to book you in!  


Minor Service 
from £60 
Major Service 
from £160 
Pre MOT 
from £40 
from £50 
Seasonal Checks 
from £30 
4 Wheel Lazer Alignment 
from £30 
Full Diagnostic Code Scan 
from £30 
The latest fault diagnostic technology


Got a fault or a light on your dashboard? We have a the latest diagnostic technology to find the fault on any make and model. 
Did you know you don’t have to take your car to a main dealer to diagnose the fault. We have the technology to diagnose any fault on any make or model of vehicle and the experience and know how to fix it. You can rest assured we will repair your vehicle efficiently and promptly. 

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4 Wheel Alignment Offer 

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