We guarantee that your car will be serviced and repaired to the highest standard keeping you safely on the road or your money back! 
Buffing car paintwork

  Neil’s passion is for car restoration and he has over 4 years experience in bodywork restoration and repairs  

Dents, bumps and scratches are no problem. Neil can repair it to the highest standard you would never know it had ever happened! 

Crash repairs, dents, scratches & rust damage. 

Not only do we repair dents, scratches and crash damage, we also extend the life of your current vehicle by repairing rusty areas on your car. Just recently Neil repaired this Ford Fiesta’s rusty wheel arch: 
Rusty wheel arch
Just recently Neil repaired this Ford Fiesta’s rusty wheel arch. 
Rust sanded down and primer applied
To repair the damage here Neil sanded the rust down to bare metal applied a basecoat of etch primer to the area and flatten it with 240 grit sand paper 
Rust spots sanded down and base coat of primer applied
Take all the indentations on the metal caused by the rust damage out Neil applied a base coat of high build primer and again worked the area with 240 grit sand paper to bend into the base coat. 
Clear coat lacquer applied
A micro fibre cloth was used to remove all the dust particles to make it clean to apply the basecoat colour. Then using a solvent based basecoat colour gradually built up the layers to match the original colour and faded the edges out to blend in with the original paintwork, this made the repair invisible. When the match was perfect it was left to dry before applying clear coat lacquer to leave a mirror finish, then left to bake off overnight. The next day Neil applied polish with a microfibre cloth and worked the area to a high glossy finish. As you can see the repair is finished with no signs of it ever being there! 
The finished fully repaired car
“I am absolutely delighted with the rust repair Neil made to my car. He was very efficient too I had my car back in 3 days! No one would ever know that it was rusty before.” 
Geoff Atkinson, Pickering. 

Crash Damage Repairs 

A recent repair Neil has done was to a customer’s Ford Ranger Pickup Truck. Unfortunately the customer hit a deer. The damage was really quite extensive: 
Smashed front bumper needs replacing
A smashed front bumper needed replacing, pierced the intercooler, and push it back on to the air condenser and radiator due to this all 3 need replacing. 
Straightened front cross member and valance
Neil had to straighten the front cross member and the drivers side front valance. The fog lamp and side bumper trim also needed replacing. 
Fully prepared and sprayed front body panel
As a young driver, the customer wanted to avoid claiming on his insurance as it would increase his premium and he would lose his no claims bonus. Neil was able to make the repairs without breaking the bank! 
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